Sustainability with Lemongrass

We are aware of how important it is to implement sustainable methods in our daily operations. Also ensuring there is traceability in the products and ingredients we use, not just for the safety but, for overall comfort for us and our customers.

At our hydroponic farm, Future Green Farms; we have invested in a pesticide and chemical free solutions to ensure the best fresh ingredients are produced. From lettuce, to kale and watercress, even fresh mint and basil varieties and much more ensures we provide the best farm to table experience to our customers and we dub that experience “BajanFresh.”

In addition to sustainable use of plants for that assist the local economy, foreign exchange is not exported and employment opportunities are created. We always use biodegradable materials for our take-out containers and utensils. The boxes that we use are made from card. The straws, forks and spoons are a created from a biodegradable substance called PLA which is made from corn starch, cassava roots, chips or starch, or sugarcane and 100% environmentally safe.

Reducing the Carbon footprint, and choosing sustainable methods that will protect and uplift the environment and the country’s overall ecosystem is part of the journey we take at Lemongrass.

Shooting Lemongrass

The other week our friends from Color Box came over to shoot the restaurant. This was our first pro shoot and we’re very pleased with the results. New website coming soon!

Crop Over 2012

Crop Over 2012

The socaholic party season is upon us

Really looking forward Crop Over this year. Seeing as my own summer holiday has been delayed till September I will be partying on the road with the rest of the revellers come Grand Kadooment.

Growing up in Manchester, I didn’t listen to much soca music, but since moving to Barbados it has grown on me. And let’s face it, now the crop is over you can’t really avoid it. Those of you that know me personally will also know I’m found of the odd party or two. In fact, I’ve hosted many at Cassareep. If I had to pick a few events for visiting Crop Over tourists to check out I would go with the following:

  • Baje parties — always well organised
  • Bliss — these guys only do a handful of parties every year – get tickets early!
  • Brewster’s Road — madness until the early hours
  • Soca Titans — catch up on the classics
  • Soca on de Hill — Farley Hill is a natural stadium shaded by trees
  • Pic-o-de-Crop Finals — always loved the name of this one

30th June, 2012 – 6th August, 2012

The official start date for Crop Over was June 30th, running until the 6th of August. If you want the full calendar check out this link.

Of course, if you do need some downtime to relax and re-charge after long days and nights partying come and check us out at Limegrove. Our shady deck next the water fountain is the perfect place to relax.

Have a fun and safe Crop Over people. See you on the Spring Garden highway.


Hell Noodle & Yaki Ramen

Yaki Ramen
Larissa with Hell Noodle & Yaki Ramen dishes
Larissa with Hell Noodle & Yaki Ramen dishes

Lemongrass is not your average takeaway! Our dishes are fresh, healthy and creative.

Take the Hell Noodle and Yaki Ramen. Created especially for Lemongrass they are currently two of the most popular dishes on the menu.

Hell Noodle is a broth based on the Japanese Udon Noodle, to which we add flavours and ingredients more commonly found in South-Korean cuisine. The key ingredient in the dish is lemongrass, grown fresh in Barbados. Unlike the Tom Yum Goong, which is a classically Thai dish, our Hell Noodle is inspired by other Asian cuisines.

Yaki Ramen is also a mix of cultural influences. Originally Chinese in origin, Ramen is very popular dish in Japan. Yaki is the Japanese word for grilled or fried. The fried flavour of the noodles complements the shredded carrot, Shitake mushrooms, sweet peppers, cabbage and seaweed.

As you can tell we take our culinary inspiration from more than just one country! Make a reservation and see for yourself.

Hell Noodle & Yaki Ramen
Hell Noodle & Yaki Ramen



First month!

Tuk Tuk Thailand

Tuk Tuk ThailandI can hardly believe Lemongrass has been open for over a month already. Seriously! The time has flown since our launch on February 20th. Our first month of business has been non-stop action, but we’re very proud to have launched this restaurant on-schedule, on-budget and in time to catch the tail end of the tourist season. It took about 3 months from construction to opening day, turning a concrete shell into a fully operational, modern, open kitchen. Thanks to Paul Altman and the staff of Limegrove for all their help and support, Limegrove is a truly excellent place to work and play.

Many thanks to our patrons for their wonderful support and feedback. We’ve had some excellent comments on our food and service. The menu itself has had a great response so far, and dishes like the Tuna Tataki have already become clear crowd favourites. We updated and expanded the menu last week and we plan to do further updates on a regular basis. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for news.

In the kitchen, Fazula Ali-Weekes, Andres Antoine, Larissa King and Tamirah Moore have mastered the art of our Asian menu and are cooking authentic Thai dishes in record time. I haven’t checked, but I think we’re one of the fastest kitchens in Barbados. We’re certainly the only truly open kitchen where all the action is on display for the diners. If you haven’t visited Lemongrass yet, come and see for yourself!

On the deck, John Beckles, Raquel Waithe, Roshanna Forde, James Yarde, Narissa Howell, Liz-Ann Bowen, Jannie Forde, Fernando Forde and Schimeon Francis have done a great job with the service and keeping everything running smoothly.

Watch this space for more Lemongrass news, menu changes, specials and events.