Following a sustainable path to a Future Green

Within our local farm Future Green , we believe in promoting and utilising sustainable growth and living. From our solar powered green houses, to the hydroponic set up –   We use Permaculture techniques to sustain our farm and further reiterate, and promote our belief and lifestyle of Green Living.

Sam tours Future Green Farms with Derek, agricultural specialist.

Words with Derek

My family has been farmers for over 40 years in one capacity or the other.  From a dairy farm, to christophene  (chayote) but I never had much interest in farming growing up. it was only after working for Nature’s Produce who at the time was the largest hydroponic farm on the island that I developed an interest in farming particularly hydroponic.

Farming sometimes is a bit challenging, it can also be very gratifying. There’s a sense of fulfillment you get from working those many early mornings before harvest time to literally see the fruits of your hard work.

Developing a Sustainable Society

A sustainable society is based on equal access to health care, nutrition, clean water, shelter, education, energy, economic opportunities and employment. In this ideal society, humans live in harmony with their natural environment, conserving resources not only for their own generation, but also for their children’s children. Each citizen enjoys a high quality of life and there is social justice for all.