Poké Bowls at Lemongrass? What are they?

Lemongrass Poke Bowl

Pronounced ” Poh Keh, ”   Poké has become one of the newest and most exciting food trends of today.

This Hawaiian styled dish,  takes the traditional sushi lover for a trip on the happy train as a dish often described as ‘The Next Generation of Sushi.’

It has been compared to a deconstructed sushi bowl, with hints of Asian flavours which  creates a unique, healthy and soulful alternative, full of colour and fresh local ingredients.

Poké in Hawaiian translates as ‘chunk’ or  ‘to slice or cut” and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish — usually tuna — which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and our savory  in-house classic sauce.

Gaining popularity as a healthy alternative to Western fast food, the PokéBowl has reached the shores of Barbados at Lemongrass starting with  our take on the Classic Poké Bowl.

Enjoy small dices of fresh tuna, accompanied with edamame, seaweed, cucumber and julienne carrots. Served with your choice of black or jasmine rice, drizzled in our house dressing.

Inspired by our sister restaurant Oké Poké in Northern Quarter, Manchester, experience a burst of fresh with our new Poke Bowl  at Lemongrass!