Sustainability with Lemongrass

We are aware of how important it is to implement sustainable methods in our daily operations. Also ensuring there is traceability in the products and ingredients we use, not just for the safety but, for overall comfort for us and our customers.

At our hydroponic farm, Future Green Farms; we have invested in a pesticide and chemical free solutions to ensure the best fresh ingredients are produced. From lettuce, to kale and watercress, even fresh mint and basil varieties and much more ensures we provide the best farm to table experience to our customers and we dub that experience “BajanFresh.”

In addition to sustainable use of plants for that assist the local economy, foreign exchange is not exported and employment opportunities are created. We always use biodegradable materials for our take-out containers and utensils. The boxes that we use are made from card. The straws, forks and spoons are a created from a biodegradable substance called PLA which is made from corn starch, cassava roots, chips or starch, or sugarcane and 100% environmentally safe.

Reducing the Carbon footprint, and choosing sustainable methods that will protect and uplift the environment and the country’s overall ecosystem is part of the journey we take at Lemongrass.