2019 Health Trends with Lemongrass

2019! A year of possibilities, many things to try and a time to reinvigorate ourselves inside and out.A journey that will have its fill of twists and turns. So what better way to get your fill by adopting healthier and more sustainable habits with the 2019 Health Trends that you can follow with Lemongrass?

The new Black Rice with the Lamb Rack

Healthy and sustainable living and practice for almost a decade  is becoming a permanent fixture everywhere!

   Top dieting trends such as the Ketogenic diet, the Mediterranean diet or the Flexitarian diet are encouraging persons to balance their diet and stay healthy their own way.

Keto diet : The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet.It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

Flexitarian diet : The Flexitarian Diet is a style of eating that encourages mostly plant-based foods while allowing meat and other animal products in moderation.The word flexitarian is simply the combination of the two words flexible and vegetarian, while a diet is simply a way of life.

Mediterranean diet : The Mediterranean Diet is based on the region’s traditional fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seafood, olive oil, and dairy—with perhaps a glass or two of red wine. It’s about more than just eating fresh, wholesome food. Daily physical activity and sharing meals with others are vital elements of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. Together creates positive mental & physical wellness.

                                                Hydroponics at Future Green Farms

We  encourage health and wellness in our selection of South East Asian Cuisine and we use the best local ingredients from local farmers and producers and our own farm – Future Green.

Not only those tackling the trendy Keto, Mediterranean and Flexitarian diet satisfied here,  but we also have vegan and gluten options for those who just want to explore new lifestyles or have preferences and an intolerance.

Preferences for snacks are also evolving.  Beans, nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables are becoming increasingly popular as people are cutting back on processed foods. The Edamame beans we serve are an excellent choice to start your dining experience.

We  encourage healthy eating through our inclusive menu and our chefs can tailor menu items to fit any health preference , practice or requirement. View the menu by clicking here.

New Website, New Additions !

We welcome the relaunch of our refurbished website with some great news to our #LemongrassLovers! We have introduced Black Rice as one of the delicious options with your favourite thai dish. Swap out your noodles or your Jasmin Rice for this gluten free option.

Black Rice with Pork Tenderloin

What is Black Rice?

In ancient times, a prized possession and  popularly known as the Forbidden rice or Emperor’s rice, the name of this rice is as interesting as its story. As the name implies, a proper permission from royal authorities was a mandate to consume this rice. Eating this rice without seeking permission had life threatening consequences. In China, black rice was exclusively used for the consumption of royal families, which is why it was also known as Emperor’s rice.

Known popularily as a powerhouse of antioxidants, protein, iron, vitamins and minerals; This black rice /  Dark Purple rice is loaded with enormous health benefits.

1. Full of Antioxidants

The bran hull of black rice, which is the outermost layer of the rice grain, contains one of the highest levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin found in any known food.

2. Protects Heart Health 

Studies have shown that black rice decreases dangerous atherosclerotic plaque formation in the arteries, which is very important for keeping arteries clear and preventing heart attacks and stroke.

3. Can Help Detoxify the Body

Studies have demonstrated that consuming black rice can help to detox the body and cleanse the liver of harmful toxic build-up thanks to the rice’s high antioxidant content.

4. Good Source of Fiber Which  Improves Digestive Health 

Available with egg or without egg

Black rice and other whole grain rice varieties- like wild, red, or brown rices- have a similar amount of fiber, with about 2-3 grams per half cup serving. The fiber in black rice helps to prevent constipation, bloating, and other unwanted digestive symptoms.

A Naturally Gluten Free Grain 

Like other rice varieties, black rice naturally contains no gluten, the protein found in all wheat, rye, and barley products. It’s estimated that 1 in 7 people are sensitive to gluten- whether they are aware of it or not- but still test negative for Celiac Disease.

Helps Slow Down Absorption of Sugar in the Blood, Helping to Prevent Diabetes  

Studies have shown that when it comes to the risk of developing diabetes and even obesity, consuming whole grains is much more beneficial and preventative than consuming refined carbohydrates  (10).

Better at Preventing Obesity than Refined Grains 

It is very important for those with pre-diabetes, diabetes, or other forms of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance to consume 100% whole grains, as opposed to processed “white” types that lack fiber.

Wondering how black rice compares to other rice varieties? Here’s how the different types of rice differ in terms of nutrient content when we compare an 100gm serving of each kind:

  • Polished white rice – contains 6.8 protein, 1.2 iron, 0.6 fiber.
  • Brown rice: 7.9 protein, 2.2 iron, and 2.8 fiber.
  • Red rice: 7.0 protein, 5.5 iron, and 2.0 fiber.
  • Black rice: 8.5 protein, 3.5 iron, 4.9 fiber, and the highest amount of antioxidants of any rice variety.